Application subjects in foods are food manufacturers, food additive manufacturers, functional food manufacturers, food importers, 

food service business, distribution-specialized sales buniess. For cosmetics, cosmetics manufacturers, manufactured cosmetics salers are able to applicate. 

Vegan means that animal raw materials are not included or used in the manufacturing process, nor have animals tested. 

Vegan certification process has 5 steps: application format & fee hand in → vegan certification application screening and assessment -> Animal genetic testing -> 

Decision (sutability, Complement, Cancel) -> issuing certification. Official certification process period is 30 work days.

Certification Process and standard

Vegan certification process is done by steps below.  Extension, cancellation, alteration, etc can make difference in process.

1. A company that is requesting for vegan certification should fill out the application form and hand in.

-Application form will be sent by email when requested. 


1)  Application for use(or extension) of “certified Vegan” trademark 

2) The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. 

When product is  made by  Original equipment manufacturer(OEM), production contract should be attached. 

2. The application form is reviewed and accepted.

3. KVCS will ask for certification & examination fee, afrer fee payment, proceed to the next procedure.

4. After payment check, KVCS will review over ingredient list. This may take time according to the number of ingredients.

5. When additional document is needed, KVCS will ask for supplement documents.

After reviewing the supplement document and it is inconsistent, the request gets cancelled. (This includes when the company does not hand in supplement document within due date.)

6. After final ingredient screening based on application form, when the product is proved appropriate, animal DNA presence confirmation process starts.

7. When the product is clearly revealed non-animal product, no animal DNA detection, vegan certifying process finishes after final screening.

8. After vegan certifying process, KVCS will send Vegan Certification issue (Korean, English when requested) with instructions about using KVCS mark by post mail.

9. KVCS publishes certified products and information on its website and social media. It can also be posted on or off-line pamphlets and press releasese.

10. When the product has change that has mutual relation with KVCS’s vegan regulation,  Representative or the person in charge ought to let us know. We will review about the change(raw material, manufacturer change, representative change, etc) and make readjustment about certification issue.


11. Any dishonest ways of getting vegan certification (fake documents, not following KVCS regulation), vegan certification issue can be cancelled.

Using Vegan Trademark 

1. KVCS mark are available in AI and JPEG files and can be color and resized to suit your environment, but the design must be the same as this sample.

2. Design should not be revised without permission, including using graphics, English spellings, and logo seperatly. 

However, if you need to change color, you can use it after discussing it with KVCS

3. Vegan Certification target is for only food products, not for the whole company, manufacturing process, retail, restaurants, food trucks, person nor websites.

4. If the use of the certification mark does not comply with our regulations, we request modification. If the modification is not completed within the time limit, the use of the certification mark will be subject to sanctions and will be open to consumers via the website.

KVCS is prohibiting products that implies ‘We got certified by Korea Agency of Vegan Certification and Services.” without Certified number by KVCS. 

If there are any products found, please let us know by official@veg-korea.com. 

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